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Sin. It is the most common act known to mankind. It is the category in which all evil belongs. Since the days of Adam and Eve, it has been the greatest stronghold on humanity that could possibly ever exist. It is so visible in our society today that you can almost touch it. Sin is the manifestation of the Devil’s wicked schemes made known in the lives of men: God’s creation. From this description, it may seem like sin is an unbeatable force....and that’s true, for a human being. No human can beat sin using their own brute force and power. Only the one who is not bound to sin, someone who is above sin can beat this unbeatable force and that someone is our very own Jesus Christ.

We all know the reason why Jesus was crucified on the cross; to reconcile us back to our Father and give us the gift of salvation. Well, reconciliation with the Father does not only mean getting back on good terms with God, it also means that when God sees us, He no longer sees the sin that clothed us from head to toe, our hearts no longer beat to a sinful drum but plays the bass of a righteous percussion. You may be wondering how the death of one man can make us righteous in the eyes of God as well as free us from the bondage of sin. That's because this man isn’t any ordinary man, in fact He is God himself in human form. God is faultless and doesn’t know sin making Him the only one qualified to save us from sin and the fruits of evil; so He sent Jesus, God in human form, down on Earth on a mission to save God’s beloved creation from the shackles of sin and to restore a relationship that was once beautiful. Jesus came down on Earth to a people who let themselves mindlessly be controlled by sin. When He died on that cross, He traded His righteousness for dictating sin, taking sin and our sinful selves with Him to the grave, in order to resurrect our new selves in Christ, freeing us from sin and clearing the thick atmosphere that once kept us from God.

The Bible teaches us many things. Including the topic of how to keep sin away from us. In James 4:7 NIV the Bible says, “Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” Sin is from the devil, meaning that when we sin we are doing the business of the devil. This also means that if the devil is fleeing from us, sinful desire and wickedness flees from us also. The Bible makes it clear that only through God can we be victorious against sin. When we give ourselves to God, we allow ourselves to be influenced by godly principles, we are affected and influenced by the right people, and let a righteous aura surround us making it known everywhere we go. The devil can not touch one that is for the Lord, therefore sin can not touch us, but only when we abide by and submit to the Lord.

Sin may be powerful but there is a God that is greater. A God that sin can’t hold a candle to. We are no longer slaves to sin as Children of God, nor does sin have power over us. This is our truth made possible by God alone, so we must live by it and spread this testimony so that others may also share in this truth.


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