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A Year of God's Faithfulness

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

A year ago this week, on the 6th of September in the year 2021, a dream that began in our hearts and on Snapchat came to fruition by the way of a website and Instagram. Flow Temple Ministries was never meant to be such, it was just a way for 9 God-fearing youth to talk about the gospel at a time when we couldn’t even leave our houses for Sunday school (I’m talking about c*vid in case you hadn’t caught that revelation).

We come from very humble beginnings, we had our first calls on Houseparty (which no longer exists, RIP) with lessons we plucked off a website, but soon we realized that there was an anointing — or rather a calling — upon our hearts. We realized it was a call that we could only ignore for so long, and after we pushed our fears and inhibitions aside, we began designing what you now know to be FTM.

We can’t talk about our one year before giving thanks to those it is due. We first thank our parents for giving us the permission and support to pursue this ministry at our young ages. We want to thank our spiritual father — Snr. Pastor Gerald Plange — and all of the pastoral team at URFIC, our home church. We say a big thank you to our young adult mentors, who have been there to advise us and guide us at every step of the way. We thank our Father in Heaven for His enabling grace and for entrusting us with this mission of awakening our and future generations and ignite other youth with a burning passion for Jesus. And lastly, but certainly not least, we want to thank you, yes you. Had it not been for those of you who read our blogs religiously (get it?), like our posts on Instagram and interact with us on Snapchat, we wouldn’t know that we are actually reaching real people; but your testimonies give us the motivation to keep going even when it seems ‘pointless’ and we feel discouraged.

This past year has been filled with more trials than we had ever encountered. Our friendships were tested, our dedication wavered and our relationships with God took hits — but even in that God gave us the courage to keep going and silence the voice of the enemy that tried to stop us. We saw our issues and mistakes and sought the Voice of God for the best course of action, and we can confidently say He answered us. Due to the grace that we did nothing to earn, we are able to declare that we have been blessed with one year of ministry, a year of mercy, a year of His grace, a year of testimony, a year of blessings, a year of advancement, and of course, a year of God’s faithfulness. We do not take this milestone lightly and hope you don’t either. We humbly ask that you continue to support us and most importantly stand with us in prayer as we ask God to continue and bring to perfect completion that work He started in the humble hearts of 9 young God loving teens.


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