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Bible Character Study: Haman

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

If you know me, you know my favorite book of the Bible is Esther. I’ve never really been able to pinpoint the exact reason for that though. It could be because she’s such an example of how we should love our lives in Christ, or because of just how beautifully God showed up for her, or maybe because of how God put her enemies to shame, or maybe (just between us of course) it’s because it’s the first book of the Bible I read fully when I was a kid… who knows!? The point of that seemingly pointless information was that I had originally chosen to do Esther for my contribution to this series, but then I felt inspired to look at another, less liked character in her story. That brings me to the man of the hour… Haman. I don’t like Haman — I hope you guys don’t either — but I find his story to be one we can really learn from.

The story of Esther and Haman, which are undeniably intertwined, can be found in the book of Esther. To give a little background, the ruling king at the time was King Xerxes or King Ahasuerus depending on your theology, and he had been in search of a new wife and he found one in Esther. She had been a God-fearing woman and because of that she had found favor in the eyes of God which led her to be chosen by the King. Now during all of this, Esther was hiding her religion because she had been ordered to do so by Mordecai, her cousin. We are not told exactly why he told her this, but one can assume after reading the story it is because he had enough discernment to know that it would not be safe for Esther to reveal it without any official title protecting her.

Haman is introduced to us in Chapter 3, when he is promoted to the ‘highest official’ position in the government. The king had even gone as far as commanding everyone to bow and kneel to Haman, but one man — Mordecai — refused to do so. Haman was incredibly offended by Mordecai’s decision and decided he wanted to make him pay. But as the message version so eloquently puts it once Haman found out that Mordecai was a Jew,

Haman hated to waste his fury on just one Jew; he looked for a way to eliminate not just Mordecai but all Jews throughout the whole kingdom of Xerxes. — Esther 3:6

Can we just take a second to appreciate how shady this version of the Bible sounds with that?? *sigh*

Anyways! Haman plotted and went to the king, he fed the king a bunch of lies about the Jewish people and made it seem like they didn’t belong in his nation, and that they could eventually become an even bigger problem if left unchecked. So the king, trusting of his official, gave Haman authority to destroy the Jewish people. Obviously, this was not what anyone was expecting — it was a direct attack on God’s people solely because of the pride of one man. To cut the story short, Haman is exposed through the grace of God upon Esther and her cousin. He was embarrassed to the maximum extent when he suggested a banquet to be thrown for the man who the king felt moved to honor (he thought the man was him) — the man turned out to be Mordecai, the same man he sought to kill! After he is exposed, Haman was killed, and the king gave the Jews the authority to kill those who had tried to kill them. Haman’s sons are killed as a result, and thus ended his lineage.

Maybe by now you are still wondering why I chose Haman, the reason is this: he is an example of what happens when an enemy of God’s child plots to harm us. Haman was hung on gallows that HE made for the Jews, who were God’s people. He and his entire family were put to shame because of his arrogance and hatred. The whole time he thought he had the upper hand, when in reality, God was working behind the scenes and doing everything He could to protect Esther and the Jews. Haman should be a reminder to us that when we abide by the will of God and allow Him the room to work in our lives, while also availing ourselves to be used… He will always put our enemies to shame. In the event you don’t believe me — here is His word, which will never return to Him void:

All my enemies will be put to shame and greatly horrified; They shall turn back, they will suddenly be put to shame. — Psalm 6:10 (NASB)

The God that we serve has never failed to give us the victory when we fully trust in Him, He won’t start now.


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