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"By My Spirit" Saith the Lord

In this life you cannot walk alone. God has placed you within the midst of billions of people so you can interact and have relationships with them. There are numerous kinds of relationships: Spiritual (with the Trinity), Social, Personal (with yourself), and Romantic. But today we will focus on spiritual relationships, but to be more specific, relationships with the Holy Spirit.

When God created us, He knew that we would never last long or strong enough without Him in us. He is in Heaven, He knew that He would send His son to die for us, but that still wasn’t enough. So He poured His spirit into us; to help us even more. The Bible says that “The flesh is weak but the Spirit is willing.” (Matthew 26:41) One of the things I love about God is that when He gives you something, it doesn’t have just one purpose, but it has many. Notice how the Bible says the Spirit is willing… It doesn’t say what exactly the Spirit is willing to do because it's not just one thing. The Holy Spirit is willing to help you in your weakness (Romans 8:26), he is willing to give and produce fruits for us (Galatians 5:22-23), he is willing to give us wisdom, understanding, counsel, might… (Isaiah 11:2), and more. The Holy Spirit is there to help you when you can’t help yourself. There are things you cannot do, fulfill, and go through without the help of the Holy Spirit. For example, spiritual battles. The word spiritual literally has the word spirit in it. You cannot physically enter a battle that was meant just for spirits. You cannot fight in a spiritual battle using your flesh. Your flesh is already weak, you won’t be able to last even a second. There’s a song that says “It’s not by might, it’s not by power, by my Spirit saith the Lord… This mountain shall be removed, by my Spirit saith the Lord.” Part of this song comes from the verse Zechariah 4:6. It is by God’s Spirit that you’re still here, it's by His Spirit that you are stronger, it is by His Spirit that you have someone else to defend you and plead for you when the devil accuses you and tries to bring you down. Let go and let the Holy Spirit do what he needs to do in order to lift you higher.

But be careful, this relationship must not be one-sided. Notice how I keep referring to the Holy Spirit as He. One thing that some people don’t know is that the Holy Spirit is a person. God refers to him as a person as well. In John 15:26 it says, “But when the Helper comes, whom I will send to you from the Father, the Spirit of truth, who proceeds from the Father, he will bear witness about me” This is so important because you must treat the Holy Spirit like he’s your #1 best friend for life. He will be with you forever. Even when your Earthly body dies, your spirit still remains. The Holy Spirit needs interactions from you. When you pray, don't only pray to God, but pray to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit must be your friend, just as you think of Jesus and God as your friend. If you neglect someone, and don’t talk to them for some time, they will not want to be your friend anymore. They won’t want to give you anything anymore because they will feel used. That’s the exact same way the Holy Spirit feels. If you don’t speak to him, he won’t speak to you. If you don’t ask God to strengthen and ignite your spirit, the Spirit will be dormant and cease to give you the power you need. It’s not bad to ask God to give you strength, but imagine how much better it would be if you asked Him to strengthen your spirit as well. The spirit contains more power than you can ever imagine. I also want to advise you, don’t just talk… listen. The Holy Spirit wants to talk too. The Holy Spirit has advice too. The Holy Spirit has many things He wants to give to you, but He cannot give it to you unless you listen and receive it.

Talk to the Holy Spirit. Listen to the Holy Spirit. Give in to the Holy Spirit. For there lies your strength. There lies your power. There lies your future. Amen.


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