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Consistency in the Faith Walk

It’s very easy to be able to profess your faith but it’s not easy to walk in it. Faith goes a long way from just believing. When you have faith in someone, no other factor could possibly matter more. Your faith will cause you to root for someone despite all the odds against them and will possibly make you look like a fool in the eyes of the public. That's what faith is, to put your full trust, confidence, and your all in someone no matter the circumstances. An attribute of faith is commitment. When you are committed to someone or something, you are determined and intentional. In all that you do you believe the best outcomes will result from it. This sums up real Christian faith. As Christians, we put our faith in God, believing His Word and plan over everything else, we look stupid from the world’s point of view trusting a God we can not see, and being committed to an intentional and a serious relationship with God. Clearly, being faithful is not easy and we often stumble during our faith walks. This is due to the need for consistency. Consistency is key in the faith walk. Without consistency, you might stumble on the path and lose your way, which is why it is extremely important to build up that steady character.

Despite all the distractions this world throws at us we can still find simple ways to be consistent in our faith walk. For instance, devotionals. Devotionals gives you a reason to come back daily and read more excerpts of the Bible that may be of help to you in addition to other Christians assistance and effective advice. Journals also allow you to voice your own private and personal words to God. Journaling not only makes you want to talk to Him more, it also creates a deeper connection between you and God. A technique that is both really effective as well as in tune with this generation is the music you listen to. We are exposed to musical tunes everyday, that believe it or not, do have an effect on us. Instead of listening to secular music, exposing yourself to the Gospel is a simple yet effective way to feel and experience God in your life. Last but most definitely not least is the Word of God. Reading the Bible, God’s literal words, will help you understand more of yourself and more of God. The more you read the Word, the more you crave it and that is how spiritual growth happens.

Your faith walk is not something to be treated lightly that is why it is always necessary to face your walk with intent and purpose. Never enter a day with the Lord recklessly because the mindset and attitude you have about your relationship with God sets the foundation of your faith walk. It is more important than what you do in the faith walk because with the wrong mindset, everything you do is pointless and there will be no real growth. The number one mindset to have in your faith walk is expectancy. If you don’t expect any results from your actions then you will get no results.

Remember, the Christian faith walk is not a problem that you alone face. We have all been there, where our fire for God wasn’t how it should be, which is why Christians are to encourage one another and give counsel; that we will all rise to the pinnacle of our faith and walk with God. Also God doesn’t leave us when we are struggling, He instead stretches out His hands and offers help because He wants us to be at our best when with Him.


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