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Crowned with Wisdom

One who receives wisdom will love life (Proverbs 19:8) for they have found something greater than gold (Proverbs 16:16 NIV). Wisdom is something every Christian should desire to have. We don’t need just regular wisdom, but we need the wisdom of God, for wisdom of the Lord allows us to not only identify but also understand what is right and what is wrong in the eyes of our God.

The Bible tells us that the beginning of knowledge or wisdom is the fear of the Lord (Proverbs 1:7 NIV). Fear as in being “in reverent awe of His holiness, giving Him complete reverence and honoring Him as the God of great glory, majesty, purity, holiness, and much more.” We must desire it and “look for it as for silver and search for it as for hidden treasure.” Then we must of course pray. King Solomon, the wisest man in the Bible, didn’t just receive His wisdom without doing anything. The Lord gave him an opportunity to ask for anything, and Solomon asked for wisdom because he truly yearned for it and prayed for it. That is what you and I must do. We must crave it and plead for it, because it is greatly needed. We must also read the word of God, because everything that comes out of the mouth of God is wisdom.

Not only that but we must ask for understanding to comprehend every piece of wisdom that we receive from above. The Earth’s foundation was laid by the wisdom of God and the Heavens were set by His understanding (Proverbs 3:19 NIV). If we had that wisdom and understanding, our lives would be so much better, because the wisdom and understanding of the Lord provides clarity for ALL things. Wisdom and understanding will protect, love and watch over you (Proverbs 4:6 NIV). They will exalt, embrace, and honor you (Proverbs 4:8 NIV) and they will give you a garland to grace your head (Proverbs 4:9 NIV). So take hold of God’s word, let it lead you and let it mold you. Pray, pray, and pray again for the wisdom and understanding of your Father, because a child can inherit what their father has. You have been given access to it, so why not receive it? May the Lord guide you, and may your heart resemble God’s and let it harbor the things of God. Be blessed and stay blessed. Amen.


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