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Embracing the World

In today’s world, a lot of things that are not okay in the Lord’s eyes have been normalized. Things such as secular music and premarital sex are just a few examples. Everyday, it is becoming harder and harder to be a Christian, especially being a teen. Whilst all of your friends are out partying, you have to go to Church. It makes you seem like the “uncool” kid, nobody wants to be that kid. However, we have to look past our status on this Earth. Why? Because it won’t matter when you are spending the rest of your eternity burning in Hell. We as Christians have a responsibility to embrace the world and all of the temptations and troubles that accompany it. How can we do so? Spread the Gospel, embark on the journey that Jesus wants us to take. You may get laughed at, or talked about negatively, but at the end of the day, you might’ve reached someone’s soul. I’m not saying you have to teach a full sermon about Christianity. All you have to do is preach Jesus’ love for all of us. Embrace the world as Children of Christ. The Earth without Christianity is like meat without seasoning. Christians are supposed to flavor the world with God’s Word and teachings about his love. Without that, the world is as bland as could be, and that is exactly what Jesus does not want.


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