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Faith in God: We Cannot See, but We are not Blind

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Let’s jump right into it, shall we? Complete trust in God should not be misunderstood as blind faith. Blind faith can be defined as “unquestioning faith (in someone or something) that is not supported by reason, logic, or evidence.” It is the second part of that definition that explains why faith in God is not blind. As Children and believers of God, our faith in God is based on our knowledge of who God is and what He is capable of. These two things alone give us proof of why we should trust in God wholeheartedly. There is reasoning and we trust because we want to. God wants His children to know who He is because He wants us to accept Him and be a part of His Kingdom, which is why from the beginning of time, God has been performing signs and wonders. Afterall, how will we believe in someone we can’t see if we do not have proof of His existence?

Now that we have established why trust in God is not blind faith, we will differentiate between times when we must trust even when we are unsure and blind faith. What better way to discuss things of God than by taking the answers from His Word itself, specifically Genesis 17-22. An example of people who trusted in God in a time of uncertainty was Abraham and Sarah. Abraham was 100 years old when he gave birth to Isaac and Sarah was 91. Being at this age without a child is hard as it is, so to hear God tell you that you will give birth within a year is mind boggling. It takes faith to trust that God is still working when you have been alive for 90 years and have not been able to conceive a son. Yet, because God had previously declared Abraham as the father of many nations, he had a solid understanding of who God was and what He does for His people. Even when called to sacrifice the very son he trusted God for, Abraham was willing to do so. He did not know why God had requested such a thing, and thus, did not have the full picture; but he did it anyway. Faith born of an understanding of God and our own experiences of God at work should be the reason why we trust in God.


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