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Help is Not Far Behind

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Destiny Helpers are something I strongly believe God has for all of His children. Destiny Helpers are people who have something we need and who come into our lives at just the right time to help us on our God ordained path. Destiny Helpers may not always seem that way at first and their impact on your life may not necessarily be positive, but their impact is necessary for you to continue to prosper on your spiritual journey. Destiny Helpers can come in many forms, they’re not just human, they can be animals, they can be angelic, and they may also be in the form of the Holy Spirit.

Now this next thing I find a bit funny. Most of our Destiny Helpers won’t even know that they’re helping us in our destinies. Many of them are just people who we “accidentally” stumble upon and develop connections with. Destiny Helpers show up when you least expect them, but when you need them the most. They are there to help you persevere in ways that you never could’ve imagined by yourself.

But we must also take into account that just as there are people who are sent to help us fulfill our purpose, there are also people who are sent to stop us from fulfilling that purpose. We need to be very careful about who we give access to our lives. We should always be vigilant and our hearts should be open to the voice of God so that when He is warning us, we will actually be able to hear what He says. I remember reading an article about Destiny Helpers, and the author said that there are many people who miss opportunities to be taken from one level to the next because of their preconceived vision of what a Destiny Helper should look or act like. Destiny Helpers can come in the form of an unbeliever who motivates you to further share the Word of God, they may come in the form of a teacher giving a lecture that inspires you to teach others about God, or in the form of a suffering person whom God uses to bring out your gift of healing; the point is, you may never know!

Lastly, let’s remember that the help from your Destiny Helper may not be clear right in the moment. It may take days, weeks, months, or even years before you see the manifestation of the impact they had on your life. But as we know, we must be still and wait on God because in His time he will make all things beautiful, and those who wait on the Lord are known to renew their strength! (Psa. 37:7 & Ecc. 3:11 & Isa. 40:31)


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