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Seeking Out God's Will

You have been sleeping for quite a while now, as your head sinks deeper and deeper into your pillow. Life is hard, and you know it is. You consistently wait for a breakthrough, for someone to tell you what your future holds. Suddenly, in the void of black that your head appears to have displayed in the form of a dream, you hear a voice. The voice rumbles in the darkness orating, “You are to work for my divine purpose.” Your eyes open, and suddenly the gaps of knowledge that have flooded your mind seem to have been filled with the very question you have been yearning to answer all your life. You know your purpose. Who the voice was, you do not know. However, you believe that whoever it was had a will for your life. In the end, you decide to dedicate your life to seeking out the will of whoever the voice was, even though you do not know that it was God himself.

Seeking out the will of God is not something that is easily done. In order to achieve it, one needs to first, strengthen their relationship with Him to a point where their thoughts are His thoughts. Just as one would get to know a significant other to the point of marriage, one needs to carry the same intensity into knowing God. The best way to accomplish this task is to get in His word-getting to know his language and his previous actions. By studying the word of God, one is able to further understand the things he does, as they have immersed themselves in his mindset by examining all the previous things he has said and done (which are still true today because God never changes). Psalm 119:105 states how God’s word is a “Lamp for [our] feet and a light on [our] path.” This further attests to the fact that by staying in God's word, one can better see the path in front of them: the path that God has established even before their birth. Another way to understand the will of God for your life is by simply speaking to Him. Knowing that we have the Holy Spirit living in our hearts through the acceptance of Jesus as our Lord and Savior, speaking to God through prayer, and allowing the Holy Spirit to communicate to you is essentially direct conversation with God. Now, as convenient as this may seem, it is not something that will happen out of the blue. In order for someone to “hear the voice of God,” a lot of meditation and supplication to His word is required in order for your ears to be in tune with His voice. Think about it like this: imagine you are in a large crowd with millions and millions of people in one room. You are looking for your mother and she desperately calls for you in the midst of the crowd. If you don’t take the time to listen to her voice and truly understand and identify the distinctness of her tone, you will never be able to hear her. In the same way, one must take the time to understand and listen for the distinctness of God's voice in the midst of all the chaos that happens around us.

In retrospect, seeking out the will of God is something that every Christian should pursue. Why not take the time to understand what exactly your purpose is in life? Why not take the time to understand the assignment that God has ordained for you even before you were born? As humans, we yearn for answers to questions about what our purpose is in this life. We often hear very worldly responses to these questions, such as “follow your heart,” and “ life is short, so do whatever you feel is right.” However, God states the opposite. We are not on this earth just because of our sheer will of living. God is the reason why we have been conceived and have made it this far in our lives. It is only fair that we show our gratitude, with the last days we have on this earth, seeking out and fulfilling the will and purpose that the almighty God has ordained for us.


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