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Speak Lord, for Your Servant is Listening

God is our friend, He is someone in whom we can confide, someone we can rant to, cry to, pray to, and as crazy as it sounds, joke (respectfully) with. However, all the things that I have listed require you to actually talk to God. Most commonly, we think that talking to God means prayer. Through prayer we can focus on God and tune out the things around us. We can thank God for each day He has allowed us to see, we can praise and glorify God, we can confess to God, and we can also come humbly before God and ask Him to supply us with our needs. Prayer is powerful because even if you only pray for less than 5 minutes, as long as you pray with strength and intention, it allows God to see how much we really need Him, and God will come through for us because we asked Him to, by talking to Him. What if you aren’t praying to God? Well, then you can also just speak His name over and over again, because that is a way of calling out to Him. However you choose to talk to God, make sure you keep this in mind, God responds when we talk to Him wholeheartedly. When you have a relationship with someone, when you're friends with someone, you talk to them and they talk back. Wherever we are, we need to be attentive and sensitive to the voice of God. When God speaks, His voice may be a loud, roaring thunder, but it may also be a calm, gentle whisper. If you go to speak to God and are not expecting Him to respond to you, you may miss what it is He says to you. God speaks to us and expects us to hear and listen, so if we don’t and we miss out on a divine direction or on a blessing, or even a word of encouragement, whose fault is it? God loves when we talk to Him, whether by means of asking for something, by telling him “goodmorning”, or by adoring Him; so in order for us to continue talking to Him, He responds. He appreciates when we talk to Him because it shows that no matter what, we made time for Him, no matter what, our relationship with Him is the most important. So, don’t feel guilty to the point where you feel as if you cannot talk to God because He won't answer you, because then you are letting the Devil win. Come humbly before God, acknowledge your sins, be honest and open with Him (because he knows anyway), and be attentive and sensitive, because He will respond to you.


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