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Testimonial Smiles

Sometimes our greatest achievements;

can be our deepest regrets

The people around you can lead to your spiritual death

And the older you are … the harder it gets

It comes to the point where you even want to gasp for your own breath

You’re running from your past

Yet, you can’t run that fast

Wherever you go, destruction follows

But don’t you know you are the one to blame?

Through all that pain and shame laid a little girl who didn’t even remember her own name.

Yet, someone more powerful did.

He knew throughout all the humiliation 

Was a girl destroyed by the lustful desires of her generation.

Knowing that someone cared,

She didn’t want to let Him in

She was too scarred by the experiences she had to endure

This allowed her enemies to inject guilt like a poison.

It made her more and more impure.

Nevertheless, His love for her stayed the same.

What could separate this everlasting love?


Absolutely, NO ONE!

Not death or life

Nor angels

Nor demons 

Nor depth or height

Nor principles

Nor powers

Nor any living creatures

Nor things of the past, 

things of the present, 

or things to come.

He made sure to her His love and presence was here to stay.

One day, she gained the courage to accept Him.

All that suffering she encountered,

He forgave her and she was delivered.

Her enemies beared frustration,

As His mighty power protected her from all destruction.

They are now living in peace.

The journey is a long, worthwhile process.

Every day she learned something new, 

Most days it takes a lot of practice.

To Him be all the glory!

Because of God, a little girl finally gets to start her story!


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