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The Light in Your Darkness

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the finale of our Trauma Series! Today will be the wrap-up of this very important and needed series. Though we’ve come to the end, we couldn’t leave without addressing the purposes and benefits of overcoming trauma. When you initially think of trauma, nothing positive comes to mind. You put all your focus on the pain and the struggle which makes total sense but what you don’t realize is what you gain from overcoming the pains and struggles that had such a dangerously strong hold on you. Flowing from the previous blog on Processing and Overcoming, recognizing the purpose and the benefits of overcoming your trauma comes next. The purpose of your trauma could be to show God’s glory and magnificence (Psalm 107:13-16), restore or put your trust in God, a test from God, to be an example unto others, or to learn who you are as a child of God (2 Timothy 1:7).

A prime example of the various purposes of trauma is the story Job which was discussed in the other blogs as well. The trauma that Job had to go through, losing his possessions, children and his livelihood allowed for God’s greatness to show in comparison to the Devil because despite everything Job never cursed God. The purpose of Job's trauma was also to test his faith. Job’s story has become an example to Christians everywhere from generation to generation of how we should humbly put our faith and trust in God because we may not understand at the moment why something may be happening, but we must know that if it’s of God, there is always a reason and a good one at that.

Through overcoming our trauma, we also go through a journey of discovering ourselves. As Children of God, we know God didn't give us a spirit of fear as said in 2 Timothy 1:7, but of power and self control. Meaning that when we overcome our trauma, we have successfully gone through the process of removing fear from our lives and shown the power, love, and self-control God created us with. As Children of God, we are called to spread the Word, spread the Gospel, and one of the most effective ways to do that is through sharing personal experiences such as traumas (when you are comfortable doing that). God uses our own personal accounts to relate to those with similar experiences and draw them in. The thing that will draw them in, is not the fact that you share similar traumas, but that you share similar traumas AND were able to overcome them. When people see the way you’re living and they want to know how or why, that is where God is brought into the picture.

Throughout this series, we have defined trauma, talked about its causes, identified specific types of traumas, gone over processing and overcoming trauma, as well as the possible purposes of trauma and the benefits of overcoming it. I want to end this blog and this series by letting you know that there is a God that cares and wants you to give Him all your burdens and anxieties (1 Peter 5:7). When you are suffering from trauma, remember to go to the One who can help, the One who knows you and your situation better than anyone else and can turn this chapter in your life into your best chapter.


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