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The Source

How do the lights in your home come on? By electricity.

Where do you get most of your information? By reading, from friends, the internet etc.

What cause solar energy to work? The sun of course!

These are all examples of a source. The electricity in your home powers basically everything. Your average dose of information can be retrieved by your unconscious scrolling on social media, or by reading a book and having a conversation with a friend. Without the sun, there would be no solar energy. Now as Christans and children of God we have our own special source, let’s dive deeper into that.

We went over a few examples of a source, but what is The Source? Well there is a simple answer to that simple question. God! He continues to provide for us, in times of need He is our comforter. In times of assistance, God is our counselor. He is our peace. God is everything to us, and we can go to Him for all things.

1 Corinthians 8:16 (AMPC) - “Yet for us there is [only] one God, the Father, Who is the Source of all things.…”

God is Our Source, and through Him all things are for us. Because of God, we have Jesus and the Holy Spirit as well, who transform our lives day in and day out. In every situation, you can call on God for His help. In the world we live in everything runs out eventually, but not with God. God doesn’t have a limit because He is the ULTIMATE source. He is available to us everyday, even as I’m writing this, and even as you are reading this. For provision, education, and personal problems God is and always will be there. The Source is with us; utilize and love it because He wants to use you and already loves you. Amen!


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