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Trauma: It's Meaning, Causes, and the Story of Job

Hey everyone! Today we are starting a new series all about trauma. In this series, we will speak about causes and types of trauma, how to overcome trauma, and the possible purposes and benefits. However, before we get to the “meat” of this series, we must first learn a little background information. First, what exactly is trauma? Well, google tells us that trauma is “a deeply distressing or disturbing experience”. Another way to put it is a response, usually emotionally, to an event. Now that we know what exactly trauma is, we can list some causes of trauma. There are many causes of trauma, and all of them can have different effects on every person. Some of the many causes of trauma are domestic violence, illnesses, or death of loved ones. There are also various instances of trauma in the Bible. For example, there's Mary seeing the death of her son, there’s David, who was chased relentlessly by a jealous King Saul, and much more. But, the person that I want to highlight is Job. Now, if you know the story of Job, you know that Job was no stranger to hard times. He lost everything. From his children, to his wealth, to things like skin sores, Job was faced with the worst of the worst. These experiences even traumatized Job to the point where he questioned God, saying, “Does it please you to oppress me, to spurn the work of your hands, while you smile on the plans of the wicked?” in Job 10:3. That is the power that trauma has. It can cause you to question everything, even God. If you enjoyed this blog, head to our website at and be prepared to read this trauma series!


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