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Your Beliefs Over Your Feelings

Emotions are captivating. No matter what the situation or circumstance may be, emotions always tend to find a way to have a significant impact on any decisions to be made. Psychologically, emotions are very beneficial. If not overriding our brains with morbid thoughts, they display a more positive manifestation when outwardly shown by individuals. Some very familiar emotions are happiness, sadness, anger, confusion, annoyance, etc….independent of what human preference may amount to, emotions do not conform to “want”. In fact, it can be very hard to suppress an emotion when it seems like it will not help the situation. This is where faith interjects. As Christians, faith is something held near and dear to our hearts. It is something uncompromising and foundational to the whole ideology; The Christian Faith. The Christian faith is interesting because it encourages faith over feeling; a practice that not many individuals, let alone Christians, can accomplish easily. Now, what do I mean by faith over feeling? Faith over feeling is when an individual places their faith in the forefront of whatever circumstance is occurring. Often, people usually place their emotions in the forefront of their mind, purely due to the fact that they aren’t able to easily suppress them (so therefore why diminish its prominence?). The issue with this mindset is that placing emotions as the “end all be all,” can have very negative effects if said emotions happen to be negative. Now, knowing that faith means to trust and hold dearly, faith is a better mind-occupying alternative. It assures us that no matter what is going on, God’s plan is in the works. It helps us to hope and believe for the best possible outcome because that is what trust is. God already tells us that all things are working for our good according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). Therefore, if we learn to place faith in front of feelings and emotions, we will see the true deliverance and power of God, as our unwavering faith would lead us to do so.“I sought the Lord, and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears.” ( Psalm 34:4 ESV)


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