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Here are some FREE, simple yet beautiful and "vibey" Christian wallpapers for you all to use on your phones, laptops, and tablets. Just click on the one you want to download itWe hope you find something that speaks to you!

for phones

for laptops/tablets

"His Light"
"I am Loved"
"Just Keep the Faith"
trust in God
"Go With the Flow"
"Reaching Out"
"You Are the Light of the World"
"Stay Blessed"
"Christianity Goes Hard"
"God is Good"
"Love is Who God is"
"Set Apart"
"Ecclesiastes 3.11"
"Break Every Chain"
"Blessed and Highly Favored"
"Miracles, Signs, and Wonders"
"No Limit"
"God Created Us From Dust"
"Guided By the Spirit"
"He Gave His Life"
"It's Your Time to Bloom"
"Holy Spirit"
"Flow Temple"
"Pray Without Ceasing"
FTM Ocean
"Darkness Into Light"
"Living for Him"
"Directed by the Spirit"
"The Bible is Life"
"He Will Do It Again"
"Have Faith"
"You are Loved"
"It is Done"
"Let Him Do it"
"Light of the World"
"Shine Your Light"
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